August '00 Epigrams of the Day

There is no joy in life equal to the joy of putting salt on the tail of an idea.

The true solace for all private troubles is to lose yourself in your work.

One of the great evidences of self-control is the power to forget.

There are two kinds of people in this world - those who are always getting ready to do something, and those who go ahead and do it.

Heaven is largely a matter of digestion, and come to think of it digestion is mostly a matter of mind.

Forms change, but nothing dies. Everything is in circulation. Men, as well as planets, have their orbits. Some have a wider swing than others, but just wait and they will come back.

Don't pray cream on Sunday and live skim milk the rest of the week.

Some people get results if kindly encouraged - but give me the man who can do things in spite of hell!

To escape criticism : Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing!

The Twelfth Commandment is this: Do not take yourself too damn serious.

Little do ye know your own blessedness, for to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labor.

Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day. Wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.

Don't sit down in the meadow and wait for the cow to back up and be milked - go after the cow!

Do your work as well as you can and be kind.

Whether genius is transmittable or not is a question, but all authorities agree as to gout.

He is a benefactor of mankind who makes two grins grow where there was only a grouch before.

The greatest joy in life is the joy of being "next."

On the other side, where all things are revealed, men wear hats two sizes smaller than here.

If you talk in your sleep, don't mention my name!

When what you have done in the past looks large to you, you haven't done much today.

Life is just one damn thing after another.

Produce great pumpkins - the pies follow. (Fra-in-Charge's note: This epigram is a honest-to-goodness Roycroft joke based on a real epigram that graces the front door of the Roycroft Inn, "Produce great people - the rest follows.")

Enjoy what you have, work for what you lack.

Expectancy is an exciting interval between rounds.

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