August '02 Epigrams of the Day

Even the proudest of women is willing to accept orders from the right man.

Public Opinion is the judgement of the incapable Many opposed to the discerning Few.

When you read intelligently, you collaborate with the author.

It is a great thing to keep silence without being glum - to down your critics without saying a word, and add to your friends by holding your piece.

Think before you speak and then talk to yourself.

It is a fine thing to be yourself!

Humanity is growing in intellect, in patience, in kindness - in love.

To try many things means Power; to finish a few is Immortality.

What people need and what they want may be very different.

One good Kick deserves another - and usually gets it!

All the world loves a thief who doesn't get caught.

As we do better work we become better people.

No man has a right to all his rights.

The best men are always discovered first by their enemies.

Beware of the Grouch Habit.

Zeitgiest: The things that everybody believes, but which nobody understands.

Never explain, never retract, never apologize - get the thing done and let them howl!

A man popular with his employees is liked by everybody.

Be on the lookout for the great joys and never let mosquitoes worry you into a passion.

Find your joy in what you do, not in what you intend to do.

Friendships are built on an understanding, while enmities are simply a lack of understanding.

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