August '98 Epigrams of the Day

"Build your art horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong." Ali Baba, in his great lecture "Art As I Have Found It."

It is always the nearest, plainest and simplest principles that men comprehend last.

The men who act their thought, and think little of their act, are the ones who score.

All the belliake you have in the world is that which you carry with you.

Blessed are the belliakers, for they shall receive absent treatment.

This is the Life! I don't know of anybody I'd trade jobs with!

To be a shining light you need not cultivate a Red Nose!

Nothing is so expensive as something you get for nothing.

Folks who harp on one string are not necessarily angels - they may be harpies.

Life is a compromise between fate and free-will.

Imagination: Taking the halter off your thoughts and giving them a good swift kick behind.

The difference between men is largely a matter of getting their goods in the front window.

Art is largely a matter of hair-cut. - Ali Baba

A word to the wise is usually resented.

Responsibilities gravitate to the person who can shoulder them, and Power flows to the man who knows how.

A sincere man: One who bluffs only part of the time.

Lie: The weapon of defense that kind Providence provides for the protection of the oppressed.

Artist: Any man who works at the job he likes best, and is allowed to keep most of the product for himself.

People who tell hard-luck stories, always have hard-luck stories to tell.

We make our money out of our friends - our enemies will not do business with us.

Don't tell what you would do if you were someone else - just show what you can do yourself.

Reserve your best thoughts for the elect few.

When trouble comes wise men take to their work: weak men to the woods.

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today: the best preparation for life in the hereafter is to live now.

The only way a woman can reform a man is by antithesis. To inspire is something else.

There is no joy in life equal to the joy of putting salt on the tail of an idea.

Think twice before you speak and then say it to yourself.

Let's see, wasn't it Diogenes who wanted a place in the sun!

Do not lose faith in humanity: there are over eighty million people in America who never played you a single nasty trick.

Bedbugs are all right - except in their official capacity.

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