December '01 Epigrams of the Day

Democracy is the mob organized by the ballot. Safety lies in educating the mob.

Try these: a kind thought, a kind word, a kind deed.

Success in life turns on salesmanship.

You will find God everywhere excepting a School of Divinity.

Very positive men have a great need of being right, otherwise they may be very wrong.

Our sorrows are emotional small change.

The old must decay to fertilize the new.

I worship the sun, but, Terese, it is the rising sun, not the setting.

Commonsense is the ability to detect values.

The meanest habit in the world is that of self-pity.

In the Promised Land there were always a few people who kicked because the Milk was too yellow and the Honey too sweet.

Nature has no use for the quitter.

If you can't be pure, you can at least be sanitary.

Every good thing begins as something else.

Peace: A monotonous interval between fights.

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