December '02 Epigrams of the Day

Remorse : That feeling which we all have when the thing doesn't work, and the world knows it.

Do not aspire to be King of the Belliakers - there is too much competition for the place!

In order to be normal, one-half of your time should be spent tilling the soil.

You can win love without half trying, but to keep it is another thing.

Vindication: The subtlest form of irony.

Good men who are capable are always needed.

The Idealist (in Heaven, looking about him): I'm disappointed. The Archangel (politely): Go to hell, then!

Instead of picking flaws, why not try picking flowers?

The more you expand your lungs, the less you will contract colds.

You never show old age until you try to hide it.

The entire secret of education is this: pleasurable and profitable occupation for head, hand, and heart.

If your neighbor's team is stuck in the mud, it is not quite enough to advise him to "hitch his wagon to a star."

Perhaps the friends we have are only our other selves, and we get just what we deserve.

I believe in competition in cooperation.

Beware of the grouch habit.

As we do better work we become better people.

Giveth: The lisping tense of give. E.g., "He giveth His beloved sleep." - From The Ironic Sayings of Jehovah.

What the world needs is more kindness.

No man has a right to all of his rights.

In useful work there is no degree.

One good kick deserves another - and usually gets it!

Love consists in this; that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other.

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