December '97 Epigrams of the Day

Things that chew the cud do not catch anything.

Be pleasant until ten o'clock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself.

It is a good policy to leave a few things unsaid.

Do not dump your woes upon people - keep the sad story of your life to yourself. Troubles grow by recounting them.

Minimize friction and create harmony. You can get friction for nothing, but harmony costs courtesy and self-control.

Requisites for a strong character: bold design, constant practice, frequent mistakes.

On the other side, where all things are revealed, men wear hats two sizes smaller than here.

Cooperation to most folks is doing what they want you to do and doing it quickly.

No man is free who has not been divorced from popular favor.

Breathe more, eat less, and think well of everybody - especially doctors.

If you talk in your sleep, don't mention my name!

Life has sorrow enough of its own without adding to it cats.

The ideas that benefit a man are seldom welcomed by him on first presentation.

How beautiful that most of our troubles never happen!

People who are old enough to know better, are old enough to die.

Great men are not so great as we think them, and dull people are not quite so dense as they seem.

Do not go out of your way to do good, but do good whenever it comes your way.

Cheer up! - there is always room at the bottom.

Bring me cheerful messages or none.

Don't aspire to be King of the Groucherinos - there are too many candidates now.

The graveyards are full of people the world could not do without.

God always gives us strength to bear the troubles of each day; but He never calculated on our piling the troubles past , and those to come, on top of those of today.

When what you have done in the past looks large to you, you haven't done much today.

Happiness is a habit - cultivate it!

Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.

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