February '03 Epigrams of the Day

Great and wise men have ever loved laughter. The vain, the ignorant, the dishonest, the pretentious, alone have dreaded or despised it.

Keep an even temper, no matter what happens.

Cheer up! - there is always room at the bottom.

One of the great evidences of self-control is the power to forget.

There are two kinds of people in this world - those who are always getting ready to do something, and those who go ahead and do it.

Difficulties afford heroism its opportunities. Blessed be difficulty!

I am not sure what the unpardonable sin is, but I believe it is a disposition to evade the payment of small bills.

This is my busy day.

And remember this: Yesterday's successes belong to yesterday, with all of yesterday's defeats and sorrows. The day is Here. The time is Now.

Recipe for having beautiful children: Be a beautiful parent.

It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide on what to do.

Reserve your best thoughts for the elect few.

Lovers: Unconscious comedians.

The real problem of life is how to live rightly in the world, not how to get away from it.

If you want something, you should pray for it as if you had no hope on Earth, and work for it as if you expected no help from Heaven.

There are people who are in trouble, but their woe is nothing to that of those who expect trouble.

Don't get your headlight behind: reminiscence causes stagnation.

There are things that are right to say - but not to everybody.

The trouble began when they commenced to tell each other the truth.

Nature never allows us to read the future - she is not so cruel as that.

All things are possible, but some things are difficult. Say, teaching turtles to fly.

The habit of fear, hate and cold feet is upon us all.

Any man who moves people is going to get tongue-lashed and ink-spattered.

Women under thirty seldom know much unless Fate has been kind and cuffed them thoroughly.

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