February '99 Epigrams of the Day

The waste of effort in explaining the Unknowable by men who do not understand it, is incomputable.

He who criticises, be he ever so honest, must suggest a practical remedy or he soon descends from the height of a critic to the level of a common scold.

Men first learned to talk by listening to parrots.

The cigarette smoker is not a degenerate because he smokes cigarettes. Quite often he is a cigarette smoker because he is a degenerate.

We live on the electricity in the air much more than we do on the food we put in our mouths.

Do not grab for glory - do something and it will gravitate to you.

Blessed are they who, when asked to spiel, spiel briefly, for they shall be asked to spiel again.

When you go to the races, always buy a return ticket.

Progress often springs from doubt.

Water rises to the height of its source, and no combination can keep it down long. Every man gravitates to where he belongs.

Every time you get out in the sunshine and laugh and play, you are absorbing potential wealth into your being.

I'd rather be out looking in, than in looking out.

The original noise is what counts - most people are merely echoes.

Once there was a man and woman. "They lived together in a Fool's Paradise," some people said. They just loved, and lived, and planned, and worked. And when they died and went to Heaven they found they had been living in Paradise all the time.

See that your children be taught, not only the labors of the earth, but the loveliness of it.

Here is the prime element of success: Keep an even temper no matter what happens.

A good man, according to the old orthodox ideas, was an individual with two negative virtues rattling around in a vacuum.

The essence of power lies in reserve; but it is well to remember that grouch and reserve are not the same.

Where there is a man and a woman, there is drama - provided they are not too old.

The man who is always proclaiming that he is right is intolerable; the man who admits he has been wrong is charming.

A man thinks (sometimes), but a woman gives a function.

Don't feel sorry for yourself - feel sorry for the folks who have to live with you.

The things that should not be told are the things we want most to hear.

The woman who has caught a bullhead will seldom throw him back in the water for fear some one else will have the joy of catching him.

I worship the sun, but, Terese, it is the rising sun, not the setting.

With all of us our worst enemies are in our own hearts.

Troubles are not really troubles unless you quit work and incubate them - otherwise they are only incidental diversions.

Suggested subject for a thesis: An interview with the Fatted Calf giving his views, impartially, of the Prodigal Son.

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