January '98 Epigrams of the Day

The formula for hate: Keep your eye on each other's deficiencies.

No person utterly miserable ever did a great work.

If you would have a thing well done, order the waiter to bring it rare - and give no tips.

It's tough to be a has-been, but to be a never-was is fierce.

Produce great pumpkins - the pies follow. (Fra-in-Charge's note: This epigram is a honest-to-goodness Roycroft joke based on a real epigram that graces the front door of the Roycroft Inn, "Produce great people - the rest follows.")

That man is only great who utilizes blessings that God provides; and of these blessings no gift equals the gentle, trusting companionship of a good woman.

We are traveling to the beautiful City of the Ideal. We are aware that we shall never reach it - but the suburbs are very pleasant.

Art is not a thing separate and apart; art is only the best way of doing things.

I'll believe it when girls of twenty with money marry male paupers, turned sixty.

Impossible things are simply those which so far have never been done.

Live each day so as to shake hands with yourself every night.

Requisites for an all-round education are: Ambition, Aspiration, Application, Respiration, Perspiration.

Don't join the Grouch Trust, or it is you for Class B and the toboggan.

Reversing your treatment of the man you have wronged is better than asking his forgiveness.

Do not stand under an umbrella when God rains humor.

Expose not thyself by four-footed manners.

A man loves himself and marries his ideal, and then blames his wife because she does not live up to all the virtues he can imagine.

Would you make better men - set them an example!

No disappointment is quite so bitter as the disappointment that comes when you are disappointed with yourself.

The meek shall inherit the earth, but the hustler will have the estate before the legatee can probate the will.

Enjoy what you have, work for what you lack.

If the Devil finds you idle he will set you to work sure as Hell.

The woman who boasts of her virtue was probably tested by the wrong man at an inopportune time.

All the world loves a lover; but not while the love-making is going on.

Education is simply the encouragement of right habits - the fixing of good habits until they become a part of one's nature, and are exercised automatically.

Life is a sequence and the man who does great work has long been in training for it.

Beware of chums - they only pool their weaknesses. He is strongest who stands alone. Be a friend to all - stand by all - speak well of all.

Chickens always come home to roost, which is right and natural; but when they come home to cackle and crow, that is another matter.

New thoughts are hygienic. Love is a tonic.

Trouble arises largely from each man regarding himself as his brother's keeper, and ceasing to be his friend.

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