July '99 Epigrams of the Day

Calm, patient, persistent pressure wins.

No man regrets the flight of time excepting the one who fails to improve it.

People fit for self-government have it. Independence in men or nations is an achievement, not a bequest.

Whether genius is transmittable or not is a question, but all authorities agree as to gout.

The greatest joy in life is the joy of being "next."

What is it that wins? Work you say, but you are wrong. It is desire that brings every good thing.

You should always have someone to help you keep a secret.

The soul grows by leaps and bounds, by throes and throbs. A flash! and a glory stands revealed for which you have been blindly groping through the years.

Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.

Let us pity the folks who are not here.

To be famous is to be slandered by people who do not know you.

It pays to be good - I once tried it.

Disuse is misuse.

A woman over thirty who will tell her actual age will tell anything - watch her!

There are people whose lives are given up to negation, whose rallying cry is prohibition, and who count themselves virtuous because they do nothing.

Nobody ever becomes a nervous wreck while he is succeeding, no matter how hard he works.

It is the unusual that gives opportunity.

You can never experieince but one kiss.

Where there is a man and a woman there is drama - provided they are not too old.

Be yourself and you'll be distinguished.

Isn't it an indictment of the times in which we live, that a man can gain a national reputation simply by telling the truth and keeping his word on very occasion.

You are sitting in the grandstand and watching yourself go by. Every man is a composite.

Churches, like Department Stores, carry the wares that are asked for.

Do not grab for glory - do something and it will gravitate to you.

Most doctors think in terms of antiseptic gauze.

Let Teddy and Tillman combine and deport every preacher and doctor in the land, making the study of Emerson's "Self Reliance" compulsory, and the country will be a gainer.

If you have not known poverty, heart-hunger and misunderstanding, God has overlooked you, and you are to be pitied.

A renunciant is like a man who cannot dance - he is jealous of the joyous.

Slip under the canvas of the Heavenly Pantheon with me.

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