June '99 Epigrams of the Day

If you can't be clever, don't be discouraged - you can still be fresh.

Satan always finds somebody still for idle hands to do.

Some are good; some are not so good; some are better; others worse; some are just so-so; none are perfectly good; none are absolutely evil, for if they were God would be committing suicide. The universe is in process - don't pass judgement until all the evidence is in - the human batch is not complete. What do you know about it anyway? Yes, and I.

The essence of power lies in reserve; but it is well to remember that grouch and reserve are not the same.

Happiness is a habit - contract it!

When you have failed at most everything, do not be discouraged, just prepare a lecture on "Success" and barnstorm the Chautauqaus.

All the world's a stage, but the parts are cast haphazard.

Life supplies three great epochs and two of them you can't evade if you wish to.

Time is an illusion - to orators.

No man will be loyal to a woman who fails to laugh at his jokes.

Failure is a habit - ask your banker!

Millionaires in money are getting plentiful, but millionaires in ideas are still scarce.

No man ever successfully made love when he had a cold in the head.

Advice that costs nothing is worth what it costs.

A corkscrew will never pull a man out of trouble.

We want something that will help us live, help us think, help us become.

Noah was 600 years old before he knew how to build an ark - don't lose your grip!

My business is to introduce you to yourself.

The Formula For Hate: Keep your eye on each others' deficiencies.

There are these kinds of folk in the world - doers, gapers, praters, vandals, combinations and the dead ones. Are you a Dead One?

As a rule, the man who can do all things equally well is a very mediocre individual.

Where the Didder is, there are the Diddings.

When you hear a man using the word "commercial" as an epithet, you will find one who is about to bilk his boarding-house.

God must dearlyGood things all come by indirection, and they also usually travel incog. love a good sport, otherwise He would not have made so few of them.

If you can not have pleasant relations with people, have none at all.

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