Various Antique Postcards of the Roycroft Campus

The postcards are grouped along general lines and have individual links so life is a little easier for those with slow connections and/or viewers. The postcards marked by the green clover are available through the generosity of Mark Nero, True Roycrofter. A special tip of the Roycroft sombrero to Fra Marcus for sharing his postcard collection.

The Roycroft Inn

The Roycroft Inn and Grove St.

A view from the sidewalk of the Inn.

The Dining Room at the Inn.

An alternate view of the Dining Room at the Inn

The Outdoor Dining Room at the Inn.

A view of the Music Room at the Inn.

A view of the Salon in the Inn.

The Lecture Platform in the Salon at the Inn

The Elizabeth Barrett Room at the Inn.

The Ruskin Room at the Inn.

The Peristyle of the Inn

The Roycroft Chapel

The Chapel's front view.

The Chapel from the Print Shop Tower.

The Chapel in Winter

An alternate view of the Chapel

The Roycroft Print Shops

The Shop and Lawns.

The Shop from the South.

The statue of Michael Angelo on the lawn beside the Shops.

The Print Shops and Campus

The Print Shop's Main Entrance.

The Entrance to the Main Shop.

Apple Blossom time at Roycroft.

Miscellaneous Views of the Campus and Environs

The Spring at Roycroft.

The Roycroft Tea House.

The Home of a Roycrofter.

The Apian Way at Roycroft.

Camp in Roycroft Woods, where Little Journeys were written.

Bronze statue of Elbert Hubbard erected on the Roycroft campus on June 19, 1930, his 75th birthday.

I'll be adding more, so check back soon.

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