All Aboard for East Aurory, Where We Work For Art and Glory

Everyone, at some point, has asked "Where the heck is East Aurora?" In fact, some who live there today have been known to utter the phrase. So taking the Fra Elbertus at his word, "Produce great maps, the people will follow," TWOTR endeavors to serve and solve the problem.

By clicking on the map, you will go to the Google Maps, where you can adjust the map for less or greater detail (even down to the block level). At that site, you can also get driving directions to East Aurora from where ever you might be. (Yes, all roads do lead to East Aurora, eventually.) The maps pinpoint the Inn, but don't despair, if you've never before been to Mecca, the Inn is in the Heart of the Campus.

One reminder though; Google does not yet have a link to return you to The Webpage of the Roycrofters, so......, you must use your browser's "Back" button to return hence you came.

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