March '00 Epigrams of the Day

If you know not the highest love, you can not depict the highest joy.

Man has a many-sided nature, and like the moon reveals certain phases at certain times.

Keep away from that dishwasher - what t' 'ell do you know about eugenics?!

One good kick deserves another - and usually gets it!

Many a successful man goes through life with a spray of mistletoe pinned to his coat tail. PRITHEE, OMIT IT!

The world is progressing about as fast as the stupidity of its preachers and reformers will admit.

The less you require looking after, the greater is your reward.

Courage is a matter of getting used to it.

I certainly am sincere, although I am not always serious.

It is well to refrain from mentioning what we intend to do, or intend not to do, since we are all sailing under sealed orders, and nothing is so apt to occur as the unexpected.

Look upon any new idea as a possible one, until you know positively that it isn't.

A good kick may start a stone rolling, when otherwise it rests on the mountainside for a generation.

Read the lives of great men and you will come to the conclusion that it is harder to find a gentleman than a genius.

Health is the first wealth.

The North Pole is not really worth having, otherwise some Scotsman would have, long ago, gone up there and grabbed onto it.

The ability to perceive the absurd and laugh is proof of sanity.

Two is the sacred number - not three. There are things God can do with two, that he could never do with three.

You can win love without half trying, but to keep it is another matter.

The Idealist (in Heaven, looking about him). - I am disappointed. The Archangel (politely). -Go to Hell, then!

First Pilgrim- Why so sad, stranger? Second Pilgrim -I have written a book on "How To Be Happy, Though Poor," and I can't find a publisher.

Any man who moves people is going to get tongue-lashed and ink-spattered.

A woman is known by the man she keeps.

If your neighbor's team is stuck in the mud, it is not enough to advise him to "hitch his wagon to a star."

The love you seek is seeking you at this moment.

One - They say he is an atheist. The Other - What! Is he as religious as that?

Helpful man are safe men.

Let love mingle with memory.

Fear is a ptomaine, but love is a panacea.

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