May'04 Epigrams of the Day

When an Anarchist gets a job, buys a lot and begins to build a home, the "Cause" has lost him, and can never get him back for a boutonniere, or just for a ribbon to stick on his coat. When a Socialist starts a restaurant and begins to prosper, his Socialistic zeal begins to lukewarm and his comrades go into mourning for him as for one who is dead.

It requires a Pharaoh to develop a Moses, just as it took a George the Third to evolve George Washington. Blessed be stupidity!

How beautiful that most of our troubles never happen!

Wisdom does not consist in banishing passion, but in purifying it.

It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide on what to do.

Reserve your best thoughts for the elect few.

All suffering is caused by an obstacle in the path of a force. See that you are not your own obstacle.

You had better be an Is-Now than a Has-Wasser; and as for a Not-Yet-But-Soon, why he is always one.

At what age does a woman cease to be Bessie and become Elizabeth? Altogether now!

Calm, patient, persistent pressure wins.

To be famous is to be slandered by people who do not know you.

Do not grab for glory - do something and it will gravitate to you.

Churches, like Department Stores, carry the wares that are asked for.

No man regrets the flight of time excepting the one who fails to improve it.

Slip under the canvas of the Heavenly Pantheon with me.

Where there is a man and a woman there is drama - provided they are not too old.

If you have not known poverty, heart-hunger and misunderstanding, God has overlooked you, and you are to be pitied.

Let Teddy and Tillman combine and deport every preacher and doctor in the land, making the study of Emerson's "Self Reliance" compulsory, and the country will be a gainer.

No great spiritual event befalls those who do not summon it.

Beaten paths are for the Lilliputs. Climb the fence and cut across if you expect to "arrive."

It takes energy to think. It is so much easier to jump to conclusions or accept some one else's view, than to climb, see and decide for yourself.

There are only two classes of men who live in history: those who crowd a thing to its extreme limit, and those who then arise and cry, "Hold!"

To understand things at your door is the best preparation for understanding those beyond.

Fear not that your life should come to an end, but rather fear that it may never have a beginning.

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