May '98 Epigrams of the Day

When an Anarchist gets a job, buys a lot and begins to build a home, the "Cause" has lost him, and can never get him back for a boutonniere, or just for a ribbon to stick on his coat. When a Socialist starts a restaurant and begins to prosper, his Socialistic zeal begins to lukewarm and his comrades go into mourning for him as for one who is dead.

And remember this: Yesterday's successes belong to yesterday, with all of yesterday's defeats and sorrows. The day is Here. The time is Now.

Recipe for trouble: Take a little of nothing, and then put in some more nothing and stir up. Flavor with fear, a jigger of grouch, a piece of lemon, and serve hot to those nearest.

Recipe for having beautiful children: Be a beautiful parent.

There are six requisites in every happy marriage. The first is Faith and the remaining five are Confidence.

At what age does a woman cease to be Bessie and become Elizabeth? Altogether now!

The real problem of life is how to live rightly in the world, not how to get away from it.

Incompatibility! There is nothing worse!

We are moved only by the souls that have suffered and the hearts that know; and so all art that endures is a living, quivering cross-section of life.

Innocence is not ignorance, innocence is knowledge and self-control.

Urge your own spontaneous thought against all prudential considerations, and the world will believe in you, or hate you - the difference is small.

Poetry is the bill and coo of sex.

The refluxes of the heart are as sure and certain as the march of the planets. The desires of the heart are fixed stars - clouds may obscure, but wait and you shall see the light.

The American girl who marries a Foreign Duke takes on the management of a jacaseria as a life-job.

Would you have your name smell sweet with the myrrh of remembrance and chime melodiously in the ear of future days, then cultivate faith, not doubt, and give every man credit for the good he does, never seeking to attribute base motives to beautiful acts. Actions count.

One can endure sorrow alone, but it takes two to be glad. Only by giving out our joy do we make it our own - by sharing, we double it.

Do your work as well as you can and be kind.

It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide on what to do.

All suffering is caused by an obstacle in the path of a force. See that you are not your own obstacle.

If you want something, you should pray for it as if you had no hope on Earth, and work for it as if you expected no help from Heaven.

You had better be an Is-Now than a Has-Wasser; and as for a Not-Yet-But-Soon, why he is always one.

It requires a Pharaoh to develop a Moses, just as it took a George the Third to evolve George Washington. Blessed be stupidity!

Wisdom does not consist in banishing passion, but in purifying it.

Who is my brother? I'll tell you - he is the one who recognizes the good in me.

The slogan of the theologians: Cough!

It is absurd to try to prove things: even truth can be proved sometimes.

How beautiful that most of our troubles never happen!

Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.

Most poets think the scissors of Fate has cut them to write poetry.

Human hearts are full of love, tenderness and sympathy - hold the right mental attitude and you have the key that unlocks them all. We are afloat on an ocean of Good Will - let down your buckets!

Reserve your best thoughts for the elect few.

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