November '02 Epigrams of the Day

Think twice before you speak and then say it to yourself.

At the Roycroft Woodpile, we use only Diamond Edge axes. We grind these ourselves, and the task is small and infrequent. Parties with axes to grind for their own use will be referred to Ali Baba, a short and stubby man with a long vocabulary.

A normal impulse is a better guide than a fool sense of duty.

In the main, the policy of the house is right.

If you want others to think well of you, set them an example by thinking well of yourself.

Anybody can write poetry, but it takes a genius to sell it.

Quit blaming other people for your troubles - if you were big enough you wouldn't have any.

Voice is the index of the soul.

Friend: The masterpiece of Nature.

Self-interest is the first law of life.

Blessed are the belliakers, for they shall receive absent treatment.

The naked truth is always more or less shocking.

I believe in the recall of indecisions.

No power is great enough to bind the mind - thought forever escapes.

Any man who cusses you never thinks well of you afterward.

If you are without hope you are without fear.

First Requisites : Useful hands, clear eyes, and a good breath.

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