November '04 Epigrams of the Day

Audacity is not necessarily genius.

Votes for women! And as for European Statesmanship, could women have done any worse?

Government is run by those who show up. - A motto of modern origin by the Headfra that he maintains explains all.

Nobody ever becomes a nervous wreck while he is succeeding, no matter how hard he works.

A woman over thirty who will tell her actual age will tell anything - watch her!

Any man who moves people is going to get tongue-lashed and ink-spattered.

It is the unusual that gives opportunity.

Most doctors think in terms of antiseptic gauze.

Be yourself and you'll be distinguished.

If a man write a better book or preach a better sermon than his neighbors, the world will bring rat-traps to his door, tho he live in a forest.

Do not dump your woes upon people - keep the sad story of your life to yourself. Troubles grow by recounting them.

Choose ye this day whom ye will serve - the house or the bunch.

If you do not understand The Philistine, you should get a copy of The Essay on Silence and commit it to memory.

The man who has no enemies isn't anybody and has never done anything.

God always gives us strength to bear the troubles of each day; but He never calculated on our piling the troubles past, and those to come, on top of those of today.

Health must be earned - get it you Lobster!

No man is free who has not been divorced from popular favor.

Who's making all that dam noise.

I love you because you love the things I love.

Produce great pumpkins - the pies follow. (Fra-in-Charge's note: This epigram is a honest-to-goodness Roycroft joke based on a real epigram that graces the front door of the Roycroft Inn, "Produce great people - the rest follows.")

Art is largely a matter of hair-cut. - Ali Baba

Obstinacy: 1) To stick to your favorite lie or truth because you know you are wrong in either case. 2) The ego's peacock-plumes.

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