November '98 Epigrams of the Day

No man is in so dangerous a position as he who has no competition in well-doing.

Before marriage the man sent her a lock of his hair; after they were married she helped herself.

If you believe in the goodness and wisdom of numbers, then never denounce a lynching-party.

Audacity is not necessarily genius.

The average man sees things in the mass, and everything, to his vision, is run together in a hopeless jumble. But the scientist discovers in the seeming confusion that order and law reign supreme.

If you have never known poverty, heart-hunger and misunderstanding, God has overlooked you, and you are to be pitied.

The entire secret of education is this: pleasurable and profitable occupation for head, heart and hand.

Many people think they are psychic when they are only seasick. Heave ho!

We should not search for love nor demand it, but so live that it will gravitate to us.

Any man who cusses you never thinks well of you afterward.

Followers follow as far as the path is good, but at the first bog they balk. Doubters are always recruited from the ranks of the followers.

The less you require looking after, the greater is your reward.

First Requisites: Useful hands, clear eyes, and a good breath.

Progress often springs from doubt.

The original noise is what counts - most people are merely echoes.

Here is the secret of all health, happiness and success: Let motion equal emotion.

In the Promised Land there were always a few people who kicked because the Milk was too yellow and the Honey too sweet.

If you can't be pure, you can at least be sanitary.

Brain-work is just as necessary as physical exercise.

If you know not the highest love, you can not depict the highest joy.

Nature is lavish in her production of the forms of life, and she never duplicates them. Why should she duplicate you!?

Men who really love books always have young hearts.

Fortitude is that quality of mind which does not care what happens as long as it does not happen to us.

Commonsense is the ability to detect values.

Woman usually has the last word first.

Heaven is largely a matter of digestion.

Don't put your tootsies under any man's mahogany when his company gives you cold feet. Chilled plows are all right, but chilled pedals, never!

Eat, work, breathe and think rightly, and you will pass two Chalmers and a Cadillac.

Do not try to produce Art - reproduce life, and let it go at that.

Never explain, never retract, never apologize - get the thing done and let them howl!

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