November '99 Epigrams of the Day

We often hear of the beauties of old age, but the only old age that is beautiful is the one the person has been long preparing for by living a beautiful life.

Lovers will never go out of fashion. The point can be proven - let us not argue.

Only lovers laugh. Others grin and bear it, and some there be who bear it, and are unable to grin.

Man's needs are two - a Hobby and a Grievance. The Hobby keep him chasing and the Grievance keeps him kicking - together they save him from introspection, which is death.

Kinship is a question of spirit, and not a matter of blood.

All Art turns on Selection; and Selection is a matter of Observation.

Anybody can write poetry, but it takes a genius to circulate it.

Use Ambisholine- It's Good for the Salary!

Laughter, friend, is the sound you always hear when you chase your hat down the street.

Trouble and sorrow are often mere squints of vision.

Love is an uplift and intoxication: eighty pounds of steam, with the monkeywrench on the blow-off; and the poem you write or the picture you paint is utilization of the exhaust.

The first man who ate an oyster should have had a Carnegie medal.

Few men, indeed, there be who can cash in their mistakes and make money out of their mistakes. This is genius!

It is a great man who can live up to the creases in his trousers.

To try many things and succeed in a few is success.

Recipe for perpetual ignorance: Read the daily papers and believe everything you read.

The Life of Love and Service is the symmetrical life. And the Life of Love is the life which in expression and action, gives wisely.

The man who tells you all of his troubles becomes one of yours.

The sorrow that is dumb before men and which, if it ever cries aloud, seeks first the sanctity of solitude, this is the only sorrow to which Christ in pity turns His eye or lends His ear.

The man who sees a need is the one to supply it.

There is no copyright on stupidity.

Any man of certain temperament, who has had certain experiences, and is possessed of certain qualities, will always do a certain thing under certain conditions.

To know the right woman is a liberal education.

Heaven is largely a matter of digestion.

A woman may admire, respect, revere and obey, but she does not love until a passion seizes upon her that has in it the abandon of Niagra.

Following the inner light: Doing what you want to do in spite of hell.

Art is not a thing separate and apart; art is only the best way of doing things.

Great art is born of feeling. In order to do, you must feel.

There is an awe, a wonder, a sheen of the ethereal in all fine silences.

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