October '00 Epigrams of the Day

How beautiful that most of our troubles never happen!

Obstinacy: 1) To stick to your favorite lie or truth because you know you are wrong in either case. 2) The ego's peacock-plumes.

Thought: 1) Something made up of the thoughts you, yourself, think. The other kind is supplied by jobbers. 2) Mental dynamite.

Statute: The proof, record and final justification of the infallibility of Ignorance.

Practical Politics: A glad hand, and a swift kick in the pants.

Self-Reliance: The name we give to the egotism of the man who succeeds.

Sorcerer: 1) Any one who can make the people of the United States believe they rule. 2) A juggler (hence the founder of any religious, political or philosophical system).

Strong people are not so much advertised by their loving friends as by their rabid enemies.

Instead of hitching your wagon to a star, suppose you just get in touch with the good-roads movement.

All I claim for myself is that I am right a part of the time. And that is better than to be dead wrong all the time, like some folks I know.

Time alone is the revealer.

Life is a sequence and the man who does great work has long been in training for it.

Work your grief into art and it is gone.

Education is simply the encouragement of right habits - the fixing of good habits until they become a part of one's nature, and are exercised automatically.

No good sensible working bee listens to the bedbug on the subject of business.

Art is not a thing separate and apart; art is only the best way of doing things.

To be stupid when inclined and dull when you wish is a boon that goes only with high friendship.

To feel, to think, to know, to live, aye! to suffer, are not small things - I'm glad I'm here.

Nomination : 1) Paradigrammatics, or the art of molding figures in plaster. 2) The call of the vile. 3) In democracies, the divine sacrament administered to ignorance. 4) The election, divination and apotheosis of a paramount parasite.

Strong Man: One who busies himself with the useful tasks that others can not, or will not do, and allows those who can do nothing else to do the easy tasks.

Recipe : 1) Work, smile, study, play, love - mix. 2) Concentrate, Consecrate, Work.

Knowledge consists in having a stenographer who knows where to find the thing.

Wisdom: A term Pride uses when talking of Necessity.

Give us the Bough, the Thou and the Jug in right proportion.

The more points at which you touch humanity, the greater your influence.

There is no joy in life equal to the joy of putting salt on the tail of an idea.

Aim high and believe yourself capable of great things.

It is a fine thing to be yourself.

You must not only bury your dead, but you must forget where, smoothing every grave - else you are not safe from ghosts - ghosts, my fine sir!

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