October '03 Epigrams of the Day

There are two kinds of people in this world - those who are always getting ready to do something, and those who go ahead and do it.

Be small and keep your voice loud - there is plenty of precedence.

Recipe for bringing up your children to be kind and considerate: Be kind and considerate.

The man who sees a need is the one to supply it.

It is always the nearest, plainest and simplest principles that men comprehend last.

Life is a compromise between fate and free-will.

Cheer up! - there is always room at the bottom.

We need someone to believe in us - if we do well, we want our work commended, our faith corroborated. The individual who thinks well of you, who keeps his mind on your good qualities, and does not look for flaws, is your friend. Who is my brother? I'll tell you: He is the one who recognizes the good in me.

Do not aspire to be King of the Belliakers - there is too much competition for the place!

In order to be normal, one-half of your time should be spent tilling the soil.

No man has a right to all of his rights.

Vindication: The subtlest form of irony.

You can win love without half trying, but to keep it is another thing.

Good men who are capable are always needed.

If your neighbor's team is stuck in the mud, it is not quite enough to advise him to "hitch his wagon to a star."

The entire secret of education is this: pleasurable and profitable occupation for head, hand, and heart.

The more you expand your lungs, the less you will contract colds.

You never show old age until you try to hide it.

A woman is known by the man she keeps.

Anchorage is what most people pray for, when what we really need is God's great open sea.

As we do better work we become better people.

In order to be normal, one-half of your time should be spent tilling the soil.Produce great pumpkins - the pies follow. (Fra-in-Charge's note: This epigram is a honest-to-goodness Roycroft joke based on a real epigram that graces the front door of the Roycroft Inn, "Produce great people - the rest follows.")

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