October '99 Epigrams of the Day

Success is hygienic - and success lies in movement and doing, not in final achievement.

The sum of wisdom is to cultivate the receptive mind and hospitable heart, and thereby allow the Divine Spirit to act upon us.

There is no medicine equal to a merry laugh.

If your neighbor's team is stuck in the mud, it is not quite enough to advise him to "hitch his wagon to a star."

The sense of separateness is Hell.

Suggested subject for a thesis: An interview with the Fatted Calf giving his views, impartially, of the Prodigal Son.

Art symbols beauty, harmony, and its office is to please and to render attractive.

The Lover (holding his beloved in his arms). - The infinite lies in your eyes. She (in tears, misunderstanding). - Why do you accuse me?!

Instead of picking flaws, why not try picking flowers?

Do not let fear collar you - there is no more danger from lightening if you are running than if you are standing still.

Fletcherize the lint less; read the "Essay on Silence" more; breathe and it is for you a raise!

How little the good things of this vain world appeal to those who can have them by touching a button.

Many people think they are psychic when they are only seasick. Heave ho!

Orators, people asleep, dead ones and women in the toilet-room of a Pullman car know nothing of the flight of time.

Who are your enemies? I'll tell you, they are the next friends who want to take charge of you.

Sow helpfulness and you will reap happiness.

A genius is only a genius a part of the time.

The ability to perceive the absurd and laugh is proof of sanity.

Verily, the most necessary thing in a shop, store, bank, railroad office or factory, is to keep the peace.

Every great masterpiece is an evolution, be it a statue, a poem, a painting - or a man.

As a matter of choice, platonic love is better than plutonic.

The kind of man I shall be next month depends upon the kind of man I have been this month.

He alone is a pauper who neither inspires nor yet provokes love.

Art is the utilization of love's exhaust.

To get a thing done, let the man think that he suggested it. Otherwise, he will oppose it.

Falling in love is the beginning of wisdom.

Don't waste time regretting time that has been wasted.

In Japan they use wooden pillows. A pillow-fight there means something.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is led by a Mormon who is a bachelor. All remarks to the effect that "Oh, there haint no sech animal," are barred.

You must not only bury your dead, but you must forget where, smoothing every grave - else you are not safe from ghosts - ghosts, my fine sir!

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