September '04 Epigrams of the Day

The man who says, " Money isn't everything," is probably in arrears to his landlady.

Sympathy is the sum of all the virtues.

The trouble began when they commenced to tell each other the truth.

Don't get your headlight behind: reminiscence causes stagnation.

There are things that are right to say - but not to everybody.

The three ways to obtain health: Camping by the waters, hunting in the mountains, rusticating at Roycroft.

Opportunity knocks once at each man's door, but if you, yourself, happen to be knocking when she calls you'll never hear her.

Lovers: Unconscious comedians.

The charm of reading is in the recognition of what we know.

And remember this: Yesterday's successes belong to yesterday, with all of yesterday's defeats and sorrows. The day is Here. The time is Now.

Your quarrel with the world is only a quarrel with yourself. Get in line with the planets!

Men who succeed have faith in themselves, and have faith in their fellows. Doubt either and you are a haswasser.

No one who loves misunderstands.

Fear not that your life should come to an end, but rather fear that it may never have a beginning.

Life has sorrow enough of its own without adding to it cats.

When what you have done in the past looks large to you, you haven't done much today.

The Divine Economy is automatic, and very simple: We receive only that which we give.

If you talk in your sleep, don't mention my name!

At the Last Great Day, if you find yourself in the pen reserved for sheep, rest assured it is because you are a mutton-head.

May Irwin's motto, "Don't Argufy," isn't so bad as a working maxim, after all.

Some sin through excess of love; others through lack of it, and these most of all.

Taste is the final test - in other words, tell me what you like and I'll tell you what you are.

We live on the electricity in the air much more than we do on the food we put in our mouths.

Don't be a passenger - get busy helping this craft along!

If you've got a Devil in you put him to work; His energy is very excellent if rightly directed.

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