September '98 Epigrams of the Day

You get good by giving it.

Every fault is forgiven in the man of perfect candor.

Be small and keep your voice loud - there is plenty of big precedent.

Let that wheelbarrow be - wha't'ell do you know about machinery!!

Choose ye this day whom ye will serve - the house or the bunch.

It is what we think and what we do that make us what we are.

It isn't time that makes you grow old - it's having the thing called life turn turtle at an inopportune time.

If you have never made a fool of yourself, you are not in my class.

Requisites for a strong character: Bold design, constant practice, frequent mistakes.

The world reserves its big prizes but for one thing, and that is Initiative. Initiative is doing the right thing without being told. Next to doing the thing without being told, is to do it when you are told once.

Who's making all that dam noise.

Fletcherize the lint less; read the "Essay on Silence" more; breathe and it is you for a raise.

The man who has no enemies isn't anybody and has never done anything.

Keep your eye on Opportunity. Or she will never rest her eyes on you.

Health must be earned - get it you Lobster!

Kings will be tyrants from policy when subjects are rebels from policy.

A woman may admire, respect, revere and obey, but she does not love until a passion seizes upon her that has in it the abandon of Niagra.

Heaven is a habit - and so is hell.

Having heard the Golden Rule highly recommended, the world is at last going to give it a trial.

We all have our opinion about doctors, but no sensible man knocks on his dentist.

Any man who moves people is going to get tongue-lashed and ink-spattered.

If you do not understand The Philistine, you should get a copy of The Essay on Silence and commit it to memory.

If a man write a better book or preach a better sermon than his neighbors, the world will bring rat-traps to his door, tho he live in a forest.

Never mind; if you can't get yourself arrested for scorching, perhaps you will be pinched for blocking the roadway.

Self-pity is a form of conceit, & if you wish to call it defeat, you'll ring the bell.

How beautiful that most of our troubles never happen!

Come, Terese - le's go, before we laugh our goll-darned heads off!

I love you because you love the things I love.

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