Title Author Year
Song of Songs Hubbard 1896
Journal of Koheleth Hubbard 1896
Art and Life Lee (Violet Page) 1896
On Going to Church Shaw 1896
Ruskin-Turner Hubbard 1896
The Legacy (2 vols.) Hubbard 1896
Glynne's Wife Young 1896
Love Ballads unsigned 1897
Upland Pastures Knapp 1897
On the Heights Foote 1897
In the Track of the Bookworm Browne 1897
Story of Saville Young 1897
Book of Job Hubbard 1897
Sesame and Lilies Ruskin 1897
The Deserted Village Goldsmith 1898
Famous Women Hubbard 1898
In Memoriam Hubbard 1898
Sonnets from the Portuguese Browning 1898
Love Letters of a Musician Reed 1898
Hand and Brain Morris, Shaw, et al. 1898
As It Seems to Me Hubbard 1898
Flush of June Jordan 1898
A Dream of John Ball Morris 1898
The Dipsy Chanty Kipling 1898
Philistine Sermons McIntosh 1898
Confessions of an Opium Eater DeQuincy 1898
Essays of Elia Lamb 1898
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Fitzgerald 1899
Persian Pearl Darrow 1899
Ballads of a Bookworm Browne 1899
Ancient Mariner Coleridge 1899
Time and Chance (2 vols.) Hubbard 1899
A Message to Garcia Hubbard 1899
Essay on Friendship Emerson 1899
Sonnets of Shakespeare Shakespeare 1899
Aucassin and Nicolete Lang 1899
The Intellectual Life Hamerton 1899
Ali Baba Hubbard 1899
Walt Whitman Stevenson, Hubbard 1900
City of Tagaste Hubbard 1900
King of the Golden River Ruskin 1900
The Last Ride Browning 1900
A Catalog and Roycrofter Comment Hubbard 1900
Christmas Eve Browning 1900
The House of Life Rossetti 1900
Maud Tennyson 1900
Message to Garcia and Thirteen Other Things Hubbard 1901
The Story of Passion Bacheller 1901
Poems Poe 1901
Dreams Schreiner 1901
Will O' the Mill Stevenson 1901
John Burroughs Hubbard 1901
Contemplations Hubbard 1902
Self-Reliance Emerson 1902
Get Out or Get In Line Hubbard 1902
A Christmas Carol Dickens 1902
Hamlet Shakespeare 1902
A Lodging For the Night Stevenson 1902
As You Like It Shakespeare 1903
Joaquin Miller Hubbard 1903
Gray's Elegy Gray 1903
Friendship Thoreau 1903
Virginibus Puerisque Stevenson 1903
The Holly Tree Dickens 1903
The Book of Songs Heine 1903
The Man of Sorrows Hubbard 1904
King Lear Shakespeare 1904
Consecrated Lives Hubbard 1904
Song of Myself Whitman 1904
Compensation Emerson 1904
The Law of Love Reedy 1905
Self-Reliance Emerson 1905
The Ballad of Reading Gaol Wilde 1905
Rip Van Winkle Irving 1905
Nature Emerson 1905
Respectability Hubbard 1905
Philistine Index, vols. 1-20 Young 1905
Dog of Flanders Ouida 1906
Crimes Against Criminals Ingersoll 1906
Thomas Jefferson Hubbard 1906
Catalog of Roycroft Books and Things, Year Ten Hubbard 1906
Love, Life and Work Hubbard 1906
Justinian and Theodora E. & A. Hubbard 1906
The Battle of Waterloo Hugo 1907
William Morris Book Hubbard 1907
White Hyacinths Hubbard 1907
Woman's Work A. Hubbard 1908
Health and Wealth Hubbard 1908
The Broncho Book Crawford 1908
Complete Writings, 1st vol. Hubbard 1908
Famous Women Hubbard 1908
Three Great Women Hubbard 1908
Life Lessons A. Hubbard 1909
The Doctors Hubbard 1909
The Motto Book Hubbard 1909
Manhattan and Henry Hudson Hubbard, Clark 1910
The Mintage Hubbard 1910
Friendship, Love and Marriage Thoreau 1910
One Thousand and One Epigrams Hubbard 1911
An American Bible A. Hubbard 1911
The Four Gospels Ricker 1911
The Myth in Marriage A. Hubbard 1912
Hollyhocks and Goldenglow Hubbard 1912
A Message to HouseKeepers Hubbard 1912
The Feather Duster Reedy 1912
An American Bible (tall ver.) A. Hubbard 1912
Garnett and the Brindled Cow A. Hubbard 1912
The Book of Business Hubbard 1913
Twentieth Century Musings Burbridge 1913
The Roycroft Dictionary Roycroft Staff 1914
The Motto Book (updated ver.) Hubbard 1914
To Lovers and Others Morse 1914
The Book of the Roycrofters Hubbard 1914
Pig Pen Pete Hubbard 1914
Who Lifted the Lid Off of Hell Hubbard 1914
The Liberators Hubbard 1915
In Memoriam Roycroft Staff 1915

This list is by no means complete. It only contains items intended for sale as Roycroft items. However, the Roycrofters actively solicited custom print jobs and private advertising circulars. The topic of variant Garcia printings is a subject unto itself. If there is interest in cataloging these special items or there are items missing from the list, please let me know.

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