I have not included rebindings of individual copies of Philistine Magazines or various editions of the Little Journeys , Selected Writings or other compilations.
Title Author Year
Little Journeys (14 vols.) Hubbard 1916
The Man of Sorrows Hubbard 1916
Love Poems Moore 1916
The Philosophy of EH Hubbard 1916
Divine in Man Hubbard 1917
The Raven and the Bell Poe 1917
The Romance of Business Hubbard 1918
In the Spotlight Hubbard 1918
A Roycroft Anthology Various 1918
One Day Hubbard 1918
I Don't Know, Do You? Ricker 1918
I'm Not Afraid, Are You? Ricker 1919
The Liberators Hubbard 1919
Abe Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Hubbard 1920
Droll Stories Hubbard 1921
The Olympians Hubbard 1921
Time and Chance Hubbard 1921
The Book of the Roycrofters Hubbard 1921
Impressions Hubbard,II 1922
Loyalty in Business Hubbard 1922
Dreams and Their Meaning Freud, Dickens, et al. 1922
A Christmas Carol Dickens 1922
An American Bible Hubbard, et al. 1922
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Fitzgerald 1922
The Titanic Hubbard 1923
Where Love Is Hubbard 1923
The Silver Arrow Hubbard 1923
Scrapbook of EH Hubbard 1923
Friendship, Love and Marriage (w/ Thoreau LJ) Thoreau, Hubbard 1923
Liberty of Man, Woman, & Child Ingersoll 1924
Roycroft Birthday Book Hubbard 1924
Poor Richard's Almanac Franklin 1924
Notebook of EH Hubbard 1926
A Message to Garcia Hubbard 1926
Life of Ali Baba Hubbard 1926
EH of East Aurora Shay 1926
Sermon on the Mount Jesus Christ 1926
Rhymes of Mother Goose various 1927
Selected Writings, 14 vols. Hubbard 1928
The EH I Knew Heath 1929
Advertising and Advertisements Hubbard 1929
The Philosophy of EH Hubbard 1930
Bumps, The Golf Ball Kid McMahon 1930
EH: Pioneer Advertising Man Bigelow 1931
EH Speaks Hubbard 1933
LJ to the Elect Hubbard 1934
No Enemy but Himself Hubbard 1934
Gospels of Courage Bowman 1937

This list is by no means complete. It only contains items intended for sale by the Shops as Roycroft items. However, especially after EH's death, the Roycrofters did many one-off and "vanity press" print jobs. These items have not been included in the list above. If there is interest in cataloging these special items or there are items missing from the list, please let me know.

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